Ancient Egyptian electricity inside the Great Pyramid of Giza 🎥 Ancient Technology | Channify

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Today we will take a virtual tour inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. We will explore ancient Egyptian mythology and history. We'll see if it was possible that the Egyptians used the interior of the pyramid to generate electricity as a Lord Kelvin's thunderstorm device. In our walkthrough, we'll discuss how dropping water can be made into an electrostatic generator. All errors in the video are my own. Unless one of the sources below is wrong. Then it is totally their fault! If you want to learn more about Egyptology, I recommend checking out "The History of Ancient Egypt" by the Great Courses Plus. This isn't an ad. The guy knows his stuff and is super enthusiastic. Be sure to get information from different sources too though. Everyone gets stuff wrong. That includes me, professional archaeologists, 3D model designers, museums, books, website owners... everyone. Videos on the Lord Kelvin's Thunderstorm: More Kelvin device material: 3D model: Gatenbrink shaft page: Books on Egypt: Electricity in Egypt: Misc Egyptian material (technical, myths, names, etc.):*.html#ref52 ♫Music By♫ ●Clarv - Power ●Song/Download - ●Follow Clarv - And more Music: High Octane:

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