Hey Baby (If You'll be My Girl) - DJ Otzi [Sing-A-Long] | 7dQoXK4lwuz5sVG3 | Channify

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This was a request, by my brother too... It was fun working on this so enjoy it! :) * Here is the download as promised :): http://savefile.com/projects/808718418 * *EDIT [2008.08.08]: OMGAAAAAASH! 100 000+ VIEWS! THANKS SO MUCH :D *EDIT [2008.11.08]: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! 200 000+ VIEWS?! YOU GUYS ALL ROCK :) *EDIT [2009.02.08]: W00000000000000000000000t! 300 000+ views! I love everyone who watched this x) *EDIT [2009.05.08] WTHWTBWTFFTWBBQROFLMFAOOL?!?!?!?!?@# OMGAAH, thanks for the 400 000+ views! *EDIT [2010.07.08] HOLY HIPPOGRIFFS! 1 523 895 VIEWS AND COUNTING?! YOU GUYS ARE TOTALLY AWESOME! ROCK ON 8D Disclaimer: NO COPY EFFING INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! (:

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