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http://speakerscanada.com/jason-cyrus "As the author of The Unconscious Coach, naturotherapist and hypnotist, Jason Cyrus has dominated and transformed the field of stage hypnosis over the last decade with his unmatchable stage presence, unique style, positive attitude and charisma. In his wildly entertaining keynote presentation shows audience members how to achieve the unthinkable – and how you can put the scientific principles to work in your business and personal life. Born in the small coal mining village of Minto, NB and son of country music legend the late Joey Knight, Jason Cyrus has always been loved for his big heart, quick wit, great sense of humour, family values and charismatic personality. Like a true Canadian boy, Jason has always had a love for hockey and combined this with talent and skill. During his hockey career, Jason played on AAA hockey teams and received many awards including MOST VALUABLE PLAYER and HIGHEST POINTS. His success led to an invitation to try out for a Junior A hockey team in Ontario. His hard work and dedication earned him a position on the team which led to many other opportunities. Cyrus fostered his love for magic and hypnosis at a very young age and is now called “Canada’s Stage Hypnosis KING” by the country’s entertainment capital, Niagara Falls. He began touring major theatres/casinos in Canada and very quickly became one of the hottest tickets in town. Audiences were blown away and people came from everywhere, packing the theatres each and every year. In 2016, he developed a very powerful keynote speech titled “Achieve the Unthinkable” combining entertainment with a message that is leaving corporate companies, high schools, professional organizations, trade agencies, universities and non-profit groups completely blown away. He shows how you can put scientific principles to work in your business and personal life by using the power of hypnosis, imagination and visualization. You will quickly find out why he is called the ACDC of speakers (“No one wants to go on after this guy” says Devin Harris of Investors Group) with his life changing message. In addition to his stage shows, Cyrus is a certified Naturotherapist (Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada), unconscious coach and clinical hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotist). He is able to help his clients reach their true potential while enhancing and improving their lives. The success and popularity of his shows have increased his clientele as people travel from far to see him privately. Jason Cyrus enjoys all aspects of his career. He enjoys performing and speaking in front of large audiences, he also finds working on-on-one with clients very rewarding. Here are some of his credentials: Naturotherapist (N.D.) with Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Certified Hypnotist with the International Hypnosis Association Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotist To hire this keynote speaker or to view more speaker options for your next event, visit us at http://speakerscanada.com/ or call toll free +1 (866) 420 3338.

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