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I have an eCourse I teach called Learn Hypnosis in an Hour. This video is all the lectures of that online hypnosis training in a single video. This free hypnosis eCourse teaches you everything you need to know to be able to easily hypnotise people without the need for scripts and without needing to learn lots of complicated hypnotic language or techniques. On my live hypnosis training courses I have all students hypnotising each other without hypnosis scripts within 30 minutes of the start of the course. If you are interested in knowing more about hypnosis I have two hypnosis books (first two in a series of 10 hypnotherapy books I'm writing called 'Hypnotherapy Revealed') available as paperback and Kindle eBooks. Hypnotherapy Revealed: Introduction to Hypnotherapy - Available from your local Amazon website with this link http://smarturl.it/22y8sl Hypnotherapy Revealed: The Ericksonian Approach - Available from your local Amazon website with this link http://smarturl.it/4oakl9 You can also learn more about my eCourses and books etc on my website https://www.danjoneshypnosis.com

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